Tournament Day Checklist

- Make sure your app is up to date in the app store with the latest version (if you don't have auto app updates enabled)

- Verify your Golf Course is available in the mobile app

- Make sure you have entered a a minimum of 3-5 prior scores to establish your GPG HCP

- Check your Handicap to verify it is reasonable and you don't have any incorrect scores creating a negative HCP

- Once you join and start the game you will no longer be able to edit your selected Tee Box or HCP

- If you leave the app you can re enter scoring either by re entering the Join Code or clicking on the live game at the bottom of your Tour Card

- After you end the game and attest your score you will not be able to edit any scores or get back into the game

- You can still view the leaderboard after ending your game: In the completed game section of the tour card (Rounds, View All, Completed)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership will give you full access to play in all 2021 official Series Tournaments and be a part of the season long points rankings. Each week you will be able to compete for trophies and amazing prizes, even the GP Masters Jacket! You can track your progress in the GPG mobile app on the live leaderboard amongst the entire Glover Park Golf Community or just your friends. GPG rankings points will accumulate based on how you finish in each tournament. The top 50 players will receive an invitation to Nationals. You can book your tee time directly with your favorite course so you can compete from anywhere!

The USGA® has rated all golf courses based on difficulty with a course rating, slope, and par. Our mobile app will factor in these ratings to create a course handicap for each player to level the playing field and equalize the scoring so you can compete against any player on any golf course. Even your friends in different states! You play your normal round with quick and easy access to a little friendly competition for a chance to win great prizes!

Yes, you will be responsible for booking your own tee time directly with any golf course. You can play any time on each official tournament day on any 18 hole golf course (provided it is available in the mobile app) in your area (> Par70).

Yes! The top 50 players in the GPG Rankings will be able to compete in our live Championship event for free ($300 value). Players will also be able to play another free 18 on the Hammock Beach Observatory Course afterwards pending availability. Players are just responsible for travel and accommodations (We will have access to discounted rates on rooms). For more details on Nationals click HERE.

The National Golfing Champion will represent the Glover Park Golf Community at Whistling Straits in the buddies trip of a lifetime. See details HERE!

Yes and No. No, you don’t need an official USGA handicap prior to signing up but you will need a GPG Handicap. This can be calculated for free in the tour card section of the mobile app. Simply enter a minimum of 3 prior round scores or play 3 live rounds in the app and we will calculate a GPG Handicap for you! It will update after each additional round you play. You can still participate without one, yet the starting point is a 0 handicap so make sure to enter three scores!

In order to include golfers of all skill levels and create an exciting live leaderboard scoring will be based on 80% of your official GPG Handicap adjusted by your course handicap depending on the difficulty of the tee box you select at your local course. For example if one player is playing a more difficult golf course with a higher course rating and slope they would have strokes added to their GPG Handicap to level the playing field against a player playing on a shorter easier course with a lower rating and slope. Our app will take care of all the calculations!

Golf is a game of integrity and the GPG Board takes pride and is vigilant in protecting the field to make scoring fair for all players.

- Your GPG Handicap will update automatically after each tournament based on your gross score so by the time (if) you reach the final you will have the most accurate handicap possible.

-All golfers will be required to “sign” their official scorecard like a pro after the round attesting their score is accurate and in accordance with the GP Rules of Golf.

- In addition, two of your five tournament scores must be validated by a friend (simple process in the mobile app). The friend you choose to verify your tournament score must either have A) played in the same group during the round or B) knowledge of your demonstrated ability in order to form a reasonable basis from which to provide validation for a score or challenge you on any anomalies in the score.

- The Board of Directors will be reviewing official handicaps and scoring daily and have the right to eliminate any inaccurate information.

- There will be a trophy for the winner of each event yet additional prizes will be based on random finish positions so there is no incentive to keep an inaccurate score.

- Nationals will be a live final event and each qualifier’s handicap will be reviewed and validated. In the live final event for the grand prize you will be playing alongside your fellow community members!