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How it all started

Glover Park Golf was started in 2009 by a group of friends interested in playing competitive golf and giving back to their community in the Washington, DC area. At first, it was just three roommates trying to figure out who the best golfer among them was in their DC neighborhood, "Glover Park", but it quickly turned into an association of dozens of members, joining up together to play a season of tournaments. In the more than a decade since launch, we’ve crowned over 10 annual GP golfing champions and even taken major championships on the road to the “Home of Golf” to play at The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland.

This year, we are taking our most ambitious step yet and are launching an even larger community. It’s going national, allowing golfers from around the country to compete against each other in both friendly tournaments throughout the year, as well as an officially sanctioned final event.  Whether you’re a scratch golfer or struggling to break 100, nothing quite matches the thrill of participating in a GP Series tournament. Track your name as you move up and down the live leaderboard. Accumulate points throughout the season to gain entry into special end of the season tournament where you can win amazing golf experiences! One giant leap for three golf buddies … one brilliant competition for golfers everywhere!

Goal 1

Share our passion of competitive golf and connect a community of golfers EVERYWHERE (of all skill levels) to make the game more engaging and fun

Goal 2

Provide amazing golf experiences that you could only DREAM of

Goal 3

Create a golf community to help make a positive impact and align with foundations that have a mission that we all BELIEVE in.

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Charity Golf Tournament

What is GPG?

Who is the best net scoring golfer in the Nation? In year’s past it has been tough to answer that question with no way to connect golfers outside of their local courses. The Glover Park Golf Community is a nationwide network of golfers competing and connected all across the U.S. at the same time at their local courses in a series of tournaments. We are open to ALL golfers from the East Coast to the West. Events are net scoring so you can compete and compare your progress against the entire network, just your friends, or even just yourself. Each golfer will earn points based on their finish position in each event. The top 50 players with the most points at the end of the season will quality and receive an invitation to GP Nationals at Hammock Beach Resort in Florida (December 11, 2021). Golf will be free to all that qualify, and the live final event will determine an overall Glover Park National Champion!

How can I play?

It’s simple, become a member HERE and download the official GPGolf mobile app. All players can then book their own tee times directly with any golf course during the week of each event (Par 70 or greater). The USGA® (United States Golf Association) assigns course ratings to determine the difficulty of a course based on the course rating, slope, and par. The GPG mobile app will factor in the USGA ratings to create a GPG handicap for every player.  This will level the playing field and equalize the scoring so you can compete against any player on any golf course – ANYWHERE! – on GPG tournament day. Imagine how fun and cool it will be to compete against friends, family, co-workers, even fellow competitors. You play your favorite “home” course with a little friendly competition for a chance to win great prizes! Track yourself during the event in real time as you move up and down the GPG mobile app and leaderboard.  Scoring will be net (to par) based on 80% of your official GPG handicap. Players of all abilities can join GPG and compete!


The grand prize winner of GP Nationals receives an all-expense paid, bucket list trip to Whistling Straits for two! See all that's included HERE! Four rounds of golf at the home of the 2021 Ryder Cup!